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Consumables and Equipment Supply

Consumables and Equipment Supply

Pelings has been stocking and distributing name brand laboratory chemicals, supplies, equipment, furniture, and glassware. As an authorized distributor for over 200 of the world's leading manufacturers, we can provide a comprehensive array of products for industrial research and development and quality control laboratories.

In addition to our vast product offering, core strength is our ability to consistently offer a highly efficient and personalized customer service experience. As technology has changed the way we communicate, you can still rely on speaking with an experienced, professional customer service representative by calling our toll free number +254 721314 431. Whether your product needs are routine or unique, we can help you acquire the products you need efficiently and economically. Please contact us

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Pelings offers a comprehensive array of laboratory chemicals, solutions and standards from the world's leading manufacturers. Below is a sampling of our brands and products:

· Brands · EMD Millipore · J.T. Baker® · LabChem · Pharmco-AAPER · Ricca · Spectrum Chemical · Products · Acids · Buffers · Chromatography · Karl Fischer Reagents · Salts · Solutions · Solvents · Standards

· Apparel · Bags · Balance Accessories · Bench Protectors · Bottles · Brushes · Burners · Calipers · Centrifuge Tubes · Clamps · Cleaners · Corks · Crucibles · Dehydrated & Prepared  

Products: Glassware

Pelings offers a comprehensive array of laboratory glassware from the world's leading manufacturers. We can fulfill your requirements for disposable, reusable and custom glassware.


· Ace Glass · Chem Glass
· Corning · Kimble-Chase
· LabGlass · Schott
· Wheaton · Wilmad


· Ampules · Beakers · Bottles · Burets
· Condensers · Cylinders · Distilling · Extraction
· Flasks · Funnels · Kettles · Extraction
· NMR Tubes · Pipets · Kettles · Reactors
· Test Tubes · Tubing & Rod · Vials

Pelings offers a comprehensive array of name brand laboratory equipment. From autoclaves to water purification, balances to ultrasonic cleaners, Pelings has the laboratory equipment needed to fulfill your requirements. Below is a sampling of our product offerings.

our product offerings

Autoclaves Balances Baths & Circulators Blenders Carts Centrifuges Colorimeters Conductivity Meters Cryogenic Storage Desiccators Dissolved Oxygen Meters Evaporators Freeze Dryers Furnaces Glassware Washers Glove Boxes Heating Mantles Homogenizers Hot Plates Incubators Karl Fischer Titrators Melting Point Apparatus Ovens Petroleum Testing Ph Meters Pumps Refractometers Refrigerators & Freezers Rotary Evaporators Shakers Spectrophotometers Stirrers Turbidimeters Ultrasonic Cleaners UV Lamps Vacuum Pumps Water Purification

Pelings offers a turnkey solution for your laboratory furniture and fume hood requirements. From layout to installation, we can help you get into your new lab space with quality products in a timely and cost effective manner.


· BioFit Engineering · Captair Biological · Keur Industries · Kewaunee · Labconco · Water Saver


· Base Cabinets · Safety Cabinets · Blowers · Countertops · Ductless Fume Hoods · Fume Hoods · HEPA Filtered Enclosures · Laminar Flow Hoods · Reagent Racks & Shelving · Seating · Sink Cabinets & Sinks

Pelings is also a worldwide supplier of natural and environmentally friendly solutions used to clean up waste and revitalize natural resources. Our principle products utilize beneficial bacteria (microbes) to naturally degrade organic waste in both water and soil environments, providing economical alternatives to harmful chemicals and caustic solvents.

While Pelings Company has developed in its own line of biological products, we have also formed partnerships with other companies to distribute complementary products, to address issues of waste and resources contamination in agriculture operations, ponds, oil production, wastewater, on-site wastewater, bioremediation and oil spill clean-up.

Our products are packaged and available to service most any type of market segment from independent retailers to large-scale distributors to full-blown remediation and treatment projects.

At Pelings Company, we believe in clean up and preservation by natural means, not chemical means. As the world's population continues to grow and industries and businesses expand, there is more waste than ever, creating a large demand on our natural resources and an even larger demand for them to be conserved and maintained.

We utilize natures own garbage disposal called "microbes" or beneficial bacteria to provide environmentally friendly ways to clean up messes left behind from industries and commercial businesses or to preserve and enhance natural resources like ponds and soil. Beneficial bacteria are naturally present in all types of environments, from septic tanks and grease traps to ponds and agriculture soil. They feed on organic wastes like fat, oil grease, dead algae, phosphates, ammonia and so on and convert them into harmless carbon dioxide and water. However, it is the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents that kill off the microbes and prevent them from doing what they do best…cleaning up waste!

Our line of all natural products contains highly concentrated, specific formulations of beneficial bacteria to re-establish natural microbial levels and to help safely and naturally degrade waste. We have products for septic tank and holding tank treatment, wastewater and lift station treatment, grease trap maintenance, soil conditioner, pond maintenance, manure degrader, odor control, compost accelerator, bioremediation of petroleum and chlorinated solvent hydrocarbons, emergency response spill treatment, natural degreaser and oil stain remover.

We can work with municipalities on providing bulk product for wastewater treatment and F.O.G. control. We can work with all types of industries to provide products to enhance occupational safety and naturally treat contamination from the manufacturing process. We can also work with environmental consultants and engineers to provide products and solutions to soil and water contamination due to oil and fuel spills.

Pelings Company has been involved in Design, Establishment, Operation and Maintenance of Effluent and solid waste projects since 2001. We, at Pelings Company are committed to providing our clients with efficient, sustainable and cost effective solutions to waste management issues. Our clients represent a cross-section of private firms, municipal governments, as well as Urban Development Bodies. Our solutions are based upon pro-biotic technologies using POS microbial solution.

Since our inception in 2001, we have worked with over 50 clients in diverse sectors to provide cost effective solutions.

At Pelings Company we follow the principle of end-to-end solution. We have a holistic "design to operation" approach towards all our projects. We design effluent and solid waste systems based on the client's needs and provide operational assistance. Based out of our office in Nairobi we service locations all across the country.

We provide to our clients services that are unique due to our understanding of the field and hands-on experience.

Some of our clients have got the 14001 certification which is an environmental certification that deals with proper and environmental friendly disposal of garbage and effluent.

Why us

Pelings Company provides holistic waste management services to a wide variety of clients in various diverse sectors. Being in the industry for over 8 years we understand the needs of our clients and serve as a one-stop shop for all waste management requirements. We are working with many establishments such as NSG, CPWD, McDonalds, Amity University, and UNITECH etc to treat their waste. We ensure that the waste management is done in accordance with the NEMA rules and municipal norms.

We understand that as an organization ensuring the maximization of the bottom line is necessary, and therefore we provide cost-effective solutions. By using our services you would not only be contributing towards a cleaner Kenya, but also preserving the most important natural resource, water. Our effluent treatment ensures recycling of water for horticulture purposes or as flush water in toilets. The treated water is extremely nutrient rich and is very beneficial for irrigation purposes. Solid waste is composted and can used as manure.

Our Results speak for themselves
Parameters MUNICIPAL norms for irrigation Result Achieved by us
BOD 100 mg/l 20 mg/l
COD Not Specified 60 mg/l
TSS 200 mg/l 50 mg/l
pH 5.5-9.0 7-8
Oil & Grease 10 mg/l 3 mg/l

There are numerous benefits that our technology offers-

Anaerobic Effluent Treatment

Not dependant upon electricity. Very little labour required. No technical person required for operation. Minimal maintenance. Almost zero sludge handling. Minimal moving parts. Absolutely eco friendly. No foul odour. Can be built totally underground. Gravity based system.

Aerobic Effluent Treatment

Reduction in sludge production
Reduction in aeration time
Reduction in release of foul odour
Faster start up time
Enhances capacity of ETP by 25%
Reduces build up of pathogens

Solid Waste Treatment

Anaerobic decomposition - No turning required. Reduction in volume of bio-mass – Up to 70% reduction. Reduction in emission of gasses - Due to low pH most gas producing microbes are synthesized. Reduction in Foul Odour - ESSL microbes work on fermentation rather than putrefaction process. Shorter Composting time - Between 30 to 45 days. Reduces BOD, COD levels of leacheate water - Ferments organic load reducing BOD levels. Helps break down minerals. Reduction in flies and mosquitoes - Due to low pH and fermenting quality, flies and mosquitoes do not lay eggs. Higher Nitrogen & Phosphorous values - Contains nitro bacters and phosphate solubilizing microbes. Lower energy losses due to fermentation.


Reduction in foul odour
Reduction in flies, mosquitoes, crows and other pests
Improved working conditions for rag pickers and municipal staff improves living conditions for neighboring residential areas

Our Clients

Our clients represent a cross-section of private firms, municipal governments, as well as Urban Development Bodies.

Case Studies-

1) Effluent treatment and Solid Waste treatment for Kenya's premier security forces camp in Nairobi. Before our treatment, the organization was facing numerous problems like foul odor, incomplete treatment due to irregular electricity supply, diseases amongst residents due to unhygienic conditions.

After using our technology-

the aerators have been turned off, saving electricity cost removal of foul odor treated water being used in lawns for irrigation 2.5 tonnes of garbage is being treated daily to generate around 800 kilos of compost which is used in the complex.

2) Effluent Treatment for one of Kenya's largest private educational institutions. Before our treatment the organization was facing sludge disposal and foul odor problems. After using our technology these problems have been resolved, the sludge production has reduced by 85% and there is no foul odor. The water is being recycled within the campus for flushing and irrigation.

3) Effluent treatment for a municipal corporation in Kenya (45 MILD Plant). The total electricity bill of the plant was 1.5 m shillings per year. After using our technology the total expense incurred for the plant is 80 0000, giving the client a saving of over 40%.

4) Effluent treatment in a residential farmhouse in Nairobi. The owner of the farmhouse was facing problems like foul odor, contamination of ground water, heavy expenses for disposal of waste. After using our services, the water treatment is being carried out successfully without any foul odor. The treated water is being used for irrigation.

5) Sanitization of landfill for a city corporation in Kenya. The city dumps around 450 tones garbage daily in the landfill. The corporation faced problems of foul odor, breeding of pests and mosquitoes, regular fire breakouts due to emission of gases, saturation of landfill site etc. After using our technology we have been able to increase the life of the landfill, there is no foul odor and breeding of pests. Our technology reduces the emission of gases and has resulted in eradication of fire breakouts. The corporation is looking at availing carbon credits due to reduction in GHG gases at the site.

This has improved the living conditions for neighboring residential areas, and working conditions for rag pickers and municipal workers