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Health and Safety

We carry out full company Health and Safety Audits to ensure compliance with current legislation which may include all or some of the following:

  • Reviewing or compiling Health & Safety Policy Documentation
  • Display Screen Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Equality Assessments
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing facilities
  • Loading and Deliveries
  • Welfare
  • (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment

  • Site Safety Audits

    We carry out Site Safety Audits checking the site setup, the Construction Health and Safety Plan and that risk assessments and method statements are in place and works are being carried out in accordance with them, ensuring compliance with current legislation.

    All client survey and audit information is accessible through our secure extranet site.

    Construction Industry Health & Safety

    We provide professional, common sense practical construction related Health and Safety advice to our clients, contractors and operatives.

    We act as Pelings Co-Coordinators for notifiable Pelings projects as diverse as new build to major refurbishment roll out programmes and act as Health and Safety Advisors for non-notifiable projects to help clients comply with their duties.


    Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Consulting Services

    The cornerstone of our approach in environment, health and safety training is the belief that accidents and occupational disease are predictable, preventable and unacceptable. Therefore, we apply our expertise, a unique consultative approach, and proven techniques to help businesses in a wide range of industries as well as organizations in the public and government sector increase productivity and the quality of working life. Emphasis is placed on methods that provide simple, practical, low-cost, effective, and locally sustainable solutions to problems. This means that the cost borne by the client in getting the problem solved is reduced to the very minimum. The client has full influence on the design, formulation and implementation of the activities. Our client-focused approach ensures that solutions are tailored to your unique needs and goals, within the cost and time parameters you specify. At Pelings Limited, we focus on your employees' safety and health so you can focus on your business.

    We offer services ranging from industrial hygiene consulting and indoor air quality testing to HAZMAT assessments and waste management cost recovery. Our consultants conduct Environmental Management System audits to assess the suitability of the client's environmental management system, the ability of the internal management process to effectively manage the system, the extent of compliance with the law and conformity with EMS standards. Pelings can help your organization o 'roll out' the implementation plan, and avoid environmental risks and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Advice is also available on safety and environmental policies, review of the policy documents and the appropriate organizational structure for health, safety and environment management services. We undertake specific and general Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) of new or existing projects and environmental audits as required by the Environmental Management Act and best industry practice environmental management approaches.

    Through our long experience we help organizations to enhance work environments and workstation ergonomics. We use our expertise in identifying hazards and assessing risks, prioritizing and prescribing corrective actions, and projecting the impact of improvements to maximize business benefits vs. costs. We serve organizations ranging from service providers to manufacturing and production companies. Whether for an office environment, health care facility, technology campus, or industrial complex, we can provide the solutions specific to your organization's needs.

    Waste management master planning, ascertainment of quantity, quality and sources of solid, liquid, gaseous, industrial, domestic and radioactive waste. Identification of the safest and cost-effective means of disposal of such waste including economic and organizational is carried out. The above consulting services are reinforced with quality training. We offer a wide range of professional development courses for managers, supervisors, safety committee members, and safety and health professionals, and we can tailor courses to specific industries and occupations. All courses are led by qualified safety professionals, and we provide all required course materials in English. At the conclusion of each course, we recognize participants' success by awarding a certificate to each participant who successfully completes the training.

    Pelings Limited is authorized the Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Services to perform Competent Person Training. And we specialize in crisis intervention training and programs to help schools, health care organizations and other agencies effectively handle potential violent behavior in the workplace.

    Occupational Health Safety and Hygiene Services

    We undertake a wide range of occupational safety and hygiene surveys, conduct accident investigations and medical assessments, and provide legal representation of our clients. Pre-placement and periodic medical examinations, Pre-and Post-exposure medical examinations, medical surveillance and disability assessments are carried out for clients upon request.

    Sampling Analytical Services are provided chemical, physical and biological hazards. We assess exposure to dust, fume gases or vapours and advice on control strategies where required. We also carry out surveys to identify areas of risk to hearing and assess the suitability of hearing protection. We can provide detailed information on noise control and advice on the audiometry. Our experts assess exposure to ionizing and non ionizing radiation and provide personnel monitoring services to clients. Wee provide advice on the proper selection and use of occupational and environmental safety equipment and devices that makes personnel safe and comfortable.

    Safety Technology

    Workplace safety improvement involves not only training people and safeguarding their work environments, but also optimizing workplace technologies to enhance employee well-being. Pelings Limited consultants include experts in industrial and mechanical engineering as well as environmental and industrial safety engineering, and we apply our expertise to develop solutions for clients ranging from physical plant layout, machine guarding, noise reduction, fire safety code compliance and facilities security assessments to process improvements, quality control, and more. In addition, we help our clients to maintain reduced product liability exposure through Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of a wide range of materials and structures.

    Detailed advice is available on the legal requirements for machinery guarding and, the safety of plant and technical equipment. Our experts help client organizations to reduce the danger posed by machines, plant and equipment by designing safeguards that comply with safety standards and establishing inspection and maintenance programmes that improve process system and component reliability. We also design and produce safety signs and posters.

    Emergency Preparedness and Response

    We provide emergency preparedness services on clients' premises including the supply and servicing all types of fire fighting equipment and conducting required training/drills. The consultancy also provides companies and insurance companies with an assessment of fire and explosion hazards particularly high risks systems, processes and equipment. This helps in setting guidelines for future company reliability and safety systems. We make recommendations to minimize the hazards and, thus, help to avoid the damage to property loss of life, environmental pollution and possible litigation.

    Risk Management and Loss Control Consulting Services

    We help organizations to identify potential hazards in their operations evaluate risks and assess the potential for losses associated with workers' compensation, property, general liability, product liability, and workplace policies arising from operations, quantify the hazards and analyze the consequences. Risk mitigation measures are drawn to minimize the risk levels. Emergency preparedness and disaster management plans are formulated to deal with on-site and off-site risks. Our workers' compensation risk evaluation includes an on-site survey and report that documents operation exposures, controls, and recommendations; analyzes loss history and amounts; and assesses current loss-control programs. The evaluation includes consultation and management training. Property risk evaluations assess and document building construction, occupancy, fire and flood exposures, security and crime risks, amount subject to loss, and estimated maximum probable loss.

    General liability risk evaluations assess and document exposure to non-employees on-site, risks associated with off site operations, hazards to neighborhoods, and risks that are unique to individual businesses. We estimate the probability and severity of losses and recommend controls and improvements to help you effectively manage risk.

    Technical Information and Advisory Services

    We provide advice on technical standards, legal requirements and good operational practices in all our areas of competence. This service takes the form of a straightforward bibliography search or an evaluation of available data; advice on methods of managing the environment and hazards may be detailed and comprehensive or made general in nature, depending on the client's requirements


    We serve a wide range of clients ranging from industrial firms ( including construction companies, foundries, manufacturers, and petrochemical producers), Service providers (including electric/ utility, health care, insurance, retail, and transportation/logistics companies) and Government and institutional organizations( including government agencies, municipalities, and learning institutions).


    We believe that diversity broadens our knowledge, strengthens our capabilities, and enriches our internal and external relationships. We therefore not only embrace diversity for its racial, cultural, ethnic, and gender characteristics of the people with whom we work, but also in the unique talents and personality that distinguish one individual from another.